Graduate Project, CubeSat’s Hardware System Design based on Raspberry Pi and Atmel

I have designed both of hardware and software of 1U Cube Satellite as can be seen in figure 1. It includes EPS(electrical power subsystem), OBC(on board computer), RF system, Raspberry pi 3, Camera module. There are 2 different PCB which has 2 layers. High processing needs ran on Raspberry Pi 3 such as image processing, channel coding, Fourier analyses. OBC has 8 bit uC, 9-dof IMU, Sd card record unit, temperature sensor, voltage sense ADC, logic level shifter. EPS has SMPS regulators for 5v and 3v3 lines, solar charger and optional ADC, digital pin IO. There is the vertical socket for all of boards(EPS, OBC, Raspberry Pi 3) because of compact design.

Turkish Graduation Thesis : Emre_Erbuga_Tez

Following figures respectively, flow charts of uC, Raspberry Pi 3 and Ground Station.


One of them is responsible for power distribution and regulator unit called by EPS.


Another pcb layer was OBC as can be seen at bellowed figures.



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