Co-op Intern at Analog Devices (Istanbul Design Center)

April-May 2016, I applied to intern at ADI via e-mail. Then, In 1-2 weeks, they called me to book a day for interview. They were interested in my previous international projects which are model satellite and sounding rockets. I told my story about that projects which belong knowledge about those systems. I was accepted to intern at ADI’s Istanbul Design Center by Application Engineer Group from ADI.

I have learned lots of things such as high-speed logic product’s datasheet and its parameters(jitter, noise floor, psrr, eye diagram, etc.), microwave fundamentals(power spliter, balun, mixed s-parameters), how to use a network analyzer, scope, spectrum analyzer.

I have measured pssr , 2 port S-parameters, input referred noise density, noise floor, power linearity on HMC799 (Transimpeadence IC).

Also measured 4 port S-parameters, modulation bandwindth, time delay error on HMC 910 and HMC911 (analog time delay IC).

Written python script which can control the measurement units( scope, power supply) over GPIB for measurement automation.

Learned fundamentals of microwave test engineering.

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