I’m Emre. Emre Erbuğa. I was born in Izmir, Turkey, in 1993. I met the computer when i was 10 years old. These years, i was interested in website building and electronics, website hacking and computer games. Then, i learned myself how to use the Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Offices. Then, I took an examination which is national high school placement exam and i was settled into Izmir Ataturk High School(one of top 3 schools in Izmir). We joined football tournament between high school classes as 9-G class, we got first place around the 9th classes. Also, I joined the high school’s physics olympiad work when I was junior in the high school. Then, I graduated from high school in 2012, my gpa was 83.65/100. Again, I took examination that is graduate placement exam.

Then, I was settled into Istanbul Technical University. First year of university, I studied english language in the ITU School of Foreign Languages. Then, I joined the english proficiency exam of school, I got the 74 points over 100. I joined several social and technical clubs such as ITU IEEE, aikido, archery, on the other hand, accepted one project team, itu pars rocket team. My preparatory class pass like that. Then first year of school we decided to join an annual cansat competition hosted by the American Astronautical Society in Burkett, Texas – 2014. Competition concept was about non-battery energy and non-parachute decent system. We won the first place that competition as ITU Arisat Team. Click for more details.

Second year, we made up a rocket team which name is ITU Rocket Team for working about sounding rockets. I was responsible for electronics system of rocket and rocket static thrust measurement system. We prepared for sounding rocket competition host by the Experimental Sounding Rocket Association in Green River, Utah – 2015. Click for more details.